R.I.P. Gav - 21/9/2011 - Our beloved Gavin Larkin passed away this afternoon at 3.28pm. He was surrounded by his family and the love that he has created. He will never be forgotten for who he was, how he lived and what he has left behind. I know I speak on behalf of all that knew him when I say Gav, thank you for being you. The world is a better place for having had you in it.
The Larkin family would like to thank everybody who has contributed to this blog. The messages have been a constant source of support and wonderful memories that the family will cherish forever. They have been overwhelmed by all the good wishes, lovely words, food & flowers. The community around Gavin, Maryanne, Gus, Josie and Van has been wonderful and made an enormous difference. Thank you to all.

May we suggest, if you would like to offer further support, in lieu of flowers, please make a donation to one of the following nominated causes: RUOK? Day Donations or Cure For Life

Friday, 14 October 2011

Chris and Sarah Basten

You have done many amazing, cool and (at times) tough things. You have done these activities with many people around the world who clearly love and respect you. We treasure the things done together: we have partied, danced, dressed up (there was a merkin once, I recall), dined, skied, sampled wines, done The Hunter, done the beach, played touch footy with the kids, hit golf balls, and we’ve talked frankly about life and about death. Your radical acceptance of life and death is more than heartening, Gav. I’ve already told many people how impressive and inspiring your approach is. You know that you have put enough fuel in the tanks of your three kids for the rest of their lives – with your enthusiasm and lust for life and Love – and Maz can amply be there for tunes ups. I also want you to know that we (and your family and other friends) will be there for them for as long as they need.
I know you told me a couple of times how you got RUOK Day up and running but I still don’t get it. Within a year, you had media partners, major sponsors and health agencies and NGO partners. What I don’t get, I think, is that I don’t know anyone else who could have done that. When people admire you personally and respect your work and see your vision, they will do things for you and with. And, man, you deliver all those things. You have kicked some big goals and hit some long shots. I guess some bunkers are too steep to hit out of.
We treasure our times together and look forward to more good stuff with Maz and the kids.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Nikki & Steve Freeman

To the Larkin family,

We only watched our recorded Australian story episode a couple of nights ago and were expecting a moving story about RUOK? day and depression. To say we were moved beyond words is a massive understatement. Our thoughts are with you all during this time and the coming months as you begin the long journey of healing and rebuilding your life. Gav was an inspiration and will always be with you in your lucky I feel to have been touched by his presence and story. Thank you Gavin. Nik & steve Freeman x

Amy Godfrey

Dear Maz, Gus, Josie, Van, Aya, Del and Family,
I had the rare privilege of working alongside Gavin as his EA for 3 years prior to him falling ill. In that time I got to know him and each of you very well. Gav's ability to love unconditionally, listen wholeheartedly and command trust and respect set him apart from so many others. Gav was a giant amongst men. I'm eternally grateful I had the opportunity to know Gav and to be involved in RUOK? Day and the continuance of his legacy.
Maz, I should have told you more often how amazing you are – you are gorgeous, loving, caring, determined and strong. My thoughts are with you at this time of sorrow.
Much love to you all

Monday, 3 October 2011

Nadine Hooper

Hi Maryanne,
Our thoughts are with you.
Nadine and Bryce (New Zealand - ex Laguna Beach)


To Gavin's family and friends
I am so sorry for your loss.
I never knew Gavin, but I wish I had...
It sounds like he was an incredible person and all who knew him were so lucky
God Bless you and R.I.P lovely man
Love Theresa x


I heard about the passing of the RuOK? Founder at a work meeting where a colleague’s child was attending the funeral. I then read the transcripts and more about the Larkin founder. This is so inspiring and my thoughts are with the Larkin family today.

Iain Good

In the words of Gavin’s favourite band, today was “ A Beautiful Day”.
To see, hear and feel the depth of positive emotion that surrounded Gavin today made one feel privileged to be included in Gavin’s life.
As I know many of you have done today, Gavin has challenged us to squeeze every ounce from life.
He certainly did in his 43.
Thanks Gavin.

Louise Woodbury

Maryanne, Gus, Josie, Van

Thank you. Today has been a remarkable day. You really are an extraordinary family. Your courage, your strength, and your love for Gav is something that I will cherish forever. I’m so grateful that Gav got to know just how much he was loved by all of you and that today, you all got to see, hear, and feel how much he loved all of you.

A very special day – and I guess Gav is loving the fact that he gets to travel around with all of in our cars while we listen to his Playlist. Have felt like he’s sitting in the passenger seat singing, laughing, and saying hey life is to be enjoyed – let’s step it up.

Much love to all of you

Art Antonious

To Gavin’s Family, friends and everyone involved with RUOK?,
I would like to thank you and Gavin. I never met him, however I saw Australian Story and his legacy with RUOK? Makes me feel like I knew Gavin personally as a close friend and mate.
I continue to apply his message daily where possible in my community with outstanding results and heart moving experiences. It would make Gavin, family and everyone involved with RUOK?very proud indeed.
Thank you from bottom of my heart
Art Antonious

Victoria Leontios

Gavin -
Thank you for the legacy you have left and the difference you have made, and, continue to make to the planet. You are one extraordinary human being. May you be at peace in knowing this.
Love to your family.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Nicola Smith

I worked with Gavin for one year at thebrandshop and he was one of those rare bosses that challenges you as an individual and sees the value of each of us. He encouraged everyone to be their 'authentic' selves and for us to challenge ourselves of what you can achieve. What a great bloke and my thoughts are with you all and send you my love. Nicola

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Susan Mackenzie

To Gavin's Wife and Children family and Friends,
No words can possibly express the Heartfelt sympathy that Gavin's untimely death has generated. Please feel some small comfort now and in the future in knowing that total strangers are thinking about you all and feeling your sorrow. Gavin will forever be remembered for instigating a life saving and invaluable intervention program in proud you all must incredibly sad!

Sue & Shane Ellsmore

Hi Gavin,
Thank you for being so supportive of myself and Shane. We thank you for everything you have done for everyone to live a happy and long life. Shane was very proud of you and for the time that you shared with us. We will miss you dearly, and not stop thinking of you. You are a special person.
All our love,
Sue & Shane Ellsmore

Buzz & Krista Shaw

So so sorry to hear about Gavin's passing.. Our hearts are breaking for you and your family.
We are thinking of you all and sending you lots and lots of LOVE.

Much Love from us both,
Buzz & Krista
Laguna Beach

Sarah-Jane Aitken

To Gavin’s wife,
I watched Australian Story and met your man for the first time. I made my Husband watch the repeat show….Gavin, in Australian Story, was the Father I WANT my Husband to be.
Sure Gavin’s legacy was R U OK? Day, and you and his children….but just know HE touched my heart and passed on some tips for being PRESENT with your children; telling them “I love you” and being on the other end of the video camera. I ALWAYS seem to be the one behind the camera creating memories and stories for my children. I told my Husband how he too, can be on the filming end and still make comment about what’s going on etc. That, to me, is being PRESENT in the moment….in the goings on, so your children can look back and hear their Dad’s voice and comments about the moment on film.
Please show this email to your children when they are older. Their Dad, affected other CHILDREN’s lives…..not just those who will benefit from R U OK? Day.
Thanks Gavin (you legend) ….more than my words can convey!
Warm regards to those who knew him,
Mum to 4yr old Tomas and 18month old Ainsley and wife of Cameron.


There is only a special few in this world that can not only reach but touch those that are "untouchable", Gavin is one of these. We are so lucky to have had you.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Alicia Goldstien ( Whitehouse )

Hi Maryanne,
It's been about ten years since I last spoke to you. Life has changed since.
You have been in my thoughts since hearing about R U OK a few years ago. I can't put into words, my heart is just so sad for you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss. Seeing you on Australian story, was very touching. Gavin was so brave to share your story. The happier times, studying fashion together have been flooding my mind. I pray that the angels above will bring you and your family peace and strength. Would like to re connect in the future.

Alicia Goldstien
Jewellery by a farmer's daughter

Kate Thornley

My thoughts and prayers are with all of the family and friends of Gavin.
Warm regards,
Kate Thornley

Bee Smith Gilbert

I have not been able to get Gavin and his family off my mind since I watched his story. I posted the RUOK day on my blog.
One thing is for sure, Gavin had a very special family to support him through everything.
My thoughts are with you all.
RUOK will not be forgotten and the world will be a better place because of Gavin Larkin.
My thoughts and love to the Larkin's.

Bee x

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Meagan Roberts

Dear Larkin Family,
I only just watched Gavin's story on ABC's iView.
What a terrible, heartbreaking loss for you all, and especially his beautiful children who so adored him.
Sending you my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. Thank you for sharing his story with us all.


Dear Larkin Family,
I have never felt compelled to write a letter like this before now. I watched Gavin’s and your story on ‘Australian Story’ recently.
It really struck a chord with me as I am a long time sufferer of bi-polar disorder, with terrible episodes of deep depression at times.
I had been indulging in thoughts of suicide at the time I watched your story.
It made me feel ashamed and selfish to have such feelings with people like Gavin fighting so bravely to stay alive.
I am medicated and see a psychiatrist regularly and am not at risk of acting on my feelings of hopelessness.
The grace and dignity with which your family deal with such an unfair situation is inspirational to me. I reflect on some of the things Gavin has said on the program and the courage of all family members. It truly does help me have a better perspective on my own life and family and how precious both are.
Thank you for sharing your story with people, I imagine it wasn’t an easy thing to do.
I wish you all a very happy and peaceful future,
Yours Sincerely,

Nicole McInnes

Hi Gavin,

We met only once when you presented to me when I was working for AAPT. I am currently on maternity leave and in February started a blog (it seemed I missed my former creative life at SOM too much). Anyway through the blogging connections I've made I was asked to write a post for RUOK? Day, which I wrote on the weekend and plan to post on Thursday.

I then watched Australian Story tonight and found out it was you behind RUOK and about your illness. I wanted to let you know I will commit to promoting RUOK day in anyway I can. I am attending the event in Sydney on Thursday but I am guessing you won't be there. I know you have probably heard this before but you are an amazingly inspirational human being and I realise now that I missed a chance by not getting to work with you and know you better. If only I'd listened to you when you ran into me after the meeting!

My family's thoughts are with you and your amazing family. Thank you for your creative brilliance which will leave a legacy that not only inspires people to be true to themselves and live a more meaningful life, but will actually save the lives of individuals, and the emotional lives of the people who love them.

Warmest regards,

Nicole McInnes

Darryle & Gloria Brown

We happened to watch Australian Story and we found you – we saw you and we got your message in an instant.
We moved to the lounge after dinner ... glass of wine, shoes off and just relaxing and there you appeared on Australian Story and changed our life in an instant. We could not take our eyes of you – we were so impressed by you and could see your light and the goodness you radiated... mind you through the TV... imagine you in real life!! We kept looking at each other understanding you and realising your words were golden. We were crushed to learn you were sick... we did not want that for you .. nor for your son. We only wanted you to be strong and well so that you could keep enjoying your life and the blessings you had surrounding you. I have lost my mother to cancer and we fought with all we had - but we lost too.
You knew how to live life and saw the value in life itself. You will not be forgotten, your hard work and effort is fruitful and your family should hold their heads up high and be extremely proud of what you achieved in your short life mate.
Darryle & Gloria Browne

John Derks

It is with great sadness that I received the news of Gavin’s passing away, this inspirational man has touched mine and no doubt many other lives.
May his family take comfort in the fact his legacy will go on and help many people.
Rest in Peace Gavin with the knowledge that you have made this sometimes troubled world a better place for many people me being one of them.
Thank you Gavin for being such a special human being.

David Oliver

Never in my life have I been so touched by somebody like Gavin Larkin. What an incredibly unselfish and inspirational man.
Everybody has a hero at some point in their life and for me after 40 years Gav is it. I now feel I must make a difference or help
somebody just as you have done. I truly thank you for making a difference in my life and inspiring me to move on past my failings
and mistakes. You are truly amazing Gav. My deepest sympathy to the family. Keep your chin up Gus. He loved you mate and would
not want to see you too sad.

Elena Di Palma

Hello Larkin Family,
I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I met Gavin in SELP where he came up with the idea for RUOK? Day.
I’m so sad that he has passed, I didn’t know him very well but was significantly affected by his presence and his determination to make a difference.
I’m only comforted knowing that he lived his best life, moment by moment knowing it is all we have and that he will continue to live on through you and RUOK? Day.
My love goes out to you all.

Bob St.Julian

Gav was a special guy.

The world is poorer for his loss.


Bob St. Julian

Dominique Motteux

Dear Maz, Gus, Josie and Van,
Our thoughts and love are with you at this terrible, sad time. You are such a brave, wonderful family.
Lots of love,
Dom, Simon, Lara and Jimmy xxxx

Jeffrey Cooper

Hi Maz and the Larkin team,

I am so sorry for your loss. I wouldn't know where to begin to say the right thing... Gavin was a loving, mighty warrior for what's right in the world. He loved you guys so much and it poured out of him every day. My thoughts are with your family. Godspeed to brighter days.

Warm regards,


The Burchalls

Hello Maryanne
We are all saddened to hear of Gavin’s passing.
Our thoughts are with you and the children through this difficult time.
We send much love your way.
Love to you
The Burchall’s

Simon Santow

RIP Gavin Larkin, Mr RUOK Day. You inspired with a message both simple and profound. My interview
Simon Santow
ABC Radio Current Affairs
"AM", "PM", "The World Today"

Cherry Dickinson

It's a sad day in Laguna Beach. We feel it here and wish we were there to put our arms around you all!
Gavin, you're amazing! What a legacy you are leaving behind. Your wife is a beautiful person with strength beyond description and your 3 children are adored.
God bless you Larkins!
Cherry Dickinson

Caitlin Shea

Dear Maryanne, Gus, Josie, Van, Maureen, Aya and all the other lovely Larkins I met recently.

I have just heard the news about Gav and I am so very sorry for you all.

What a legend Gav was - hanging in there for another R U OK? Day. I have never met anyone tougher or more determined than Gav and it was truly an honour to tell his story.



Caitlin Shea
Australian Story, ABC TV

Barbara Potger

I was just so moved and inspired by Australian Story and by Gavin last week. I sent several messages on R U OK Day and got such a wonderful response from the people I sent them to. September 15th is on my calendar forever and I know RU OK Day will change people's lives and be a lasting memorial to Gavin. And I'll be saying RU OK lots of times to people, not just on Sept 15th.
Want can I say to his family at this moment except that little bit of your pain is my pain tonight and I feel touched that my life connected with Gavin, if only through the television screen
Barbara Potger, ABC viewer, Brisbane.

Judy Higgins

What a wonderful, inspirational life you led Gavin. The world will be a sadder place for your passing. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Rest in peace brave Gavin.


Louise Woodbury

Gavin may you rest in knowing that you have left a huge ripple effect on this world.

All our love to you Maryanne.

Louise & William

Stuart O'Brien


What can I say. What can any of us say. You have left an amazing mark on so many and you should be so proud of what you have achieved. Only yesterday I thought about Halloween and trick or treating and seeing your face at the gate! Your an inspiration to so many of us. The world will miss you. Good-bye big man. Love and strength to your family.


Brian Smith

Hey Champ,

Wish I could be in Sydney to see you and tell you in person what I'm trying to put into words in this message. We've known each other since we both worked for Singo over 15 years ago and you've always been the same bloke. You're sincere and honest with a streak of mischief and a big dash of loyalty.

I'll always remember the Bondi to Bronte walks and talks when we solved the world's problems in a morning before breakfast. You've created a legacy to be proud of, a wonderful family, a terrific charity and a group of mates that would do anything for you.

My great uncle used to say that a tiger leaves behind a skin and a man leaves a reputation. Yours will thrive forever mate in our minds and in our hearts. You're the champ Gav!

Love you mate!


Paul Barber

Hi Gavin,
You know doubt get many messages and rightfully so, mine will be brief. When I 1st saw the R U OK concept I thought Oh know another " Day " The more I looked into it I said you know what ? This is a good idea. Following this I watched with interest your Australian Story and wow !!! Powerful, inspiration and heart wrenching. We all hope and pray that we leave this earth achieving something. You have done that in spades mate
My thought are with your family who are amazingly strong too
Paul Barber
Hi There Gavin,

You don't know me from a bar of soap, but you saved my life.
On Thursday, September 15th, I'd had enough. I'd taken an overdose, self injured severely, and driven myself to a local beach side rocky cliff. Whilst sitting at the top, waiting for things to get fuzzy, an older woman come and sat next to me, smiled and said "It's RUOK day, and you're sitting in a precarious spot so I'm gonna ask the question". That was all I needed, the resolve I had disappeared and I asked her to call me an ambulance.

I'm by no means better, I still struggle with the thought of suicide daily, I'm still in hospital and will be for some time, but thanks to your drive for RUOK Day and a strange woman who I don't even know the name of, I'm still here.


Melissa Arbuthnot

Hello Gavin,

Having just watched my recorded Australian story that featured your story I feel compelled to write to you and say God Bless you and your family on the journey you are on.

Having lost my much loved Mum to cancer 6 years ago last month and thankfully survived my own battle with cancer 2 years later much of what you spoke of with your battle and the battle of your son makes it all seem like yesterday. Rather shockingly I was not aware of the day you created in time to celebrate it this year but have already earmarked it in my diary for 2012 and will be sure to get right behind it every year going forward and use the best of the communications skills I have been blessed with to help spread the word

The strength and courage of you and your family is an inspiration to all and leaves behind a true life legacy of which you can all be so proud. My thoughts and prayers will be with your family in the coming weeks and months.

So it seems the other side is going to call you shortly so may you go in peace and my wish for your beautiful wife, children and family once you arrive there is that like my Mum you will be a very active spirit for them all.


Melissa Arbuthnot

Jo Staniforth

It comes down to this. You have made a difference to a world of several billion people.

Few of us will ever do that. It's the world's loss.

Live Strong